Strange Man X: 10 Song Titles For A DMX and Stevie Stone Collab [Editorial]

Nov 5 2012

Strange Man X: 10 Song Titles For A DMX and Stevie Stone Collab [Editorial]

Ever since the addition of Stevie Stone to the Strange Music roster, we’ve heard several comparisons to DMX from sources including producer WillPower.

We can’t argue the similarities between the two, both are incredibly charismatic, are a little rough around the edges, and have that sort of raspy cathartic voice that makes you want to simultaneously grab your crotch and break shit.

Here at Strange Music we’re all about entertaining hypothetical scenarios, and these DMX comparisons got us thinking: What kind of songs would Stevie Stone and Dark Man X create together?

Here’s 10 light-hearted “what-if” song titles inspired by Stevie Stone, DMX, and our own twisted minds.

Remember this is all in good fun!

10. “Rollin’ With X”

As suggestive as that title is, we’re thinking of this as more of an introduction track to the ear-brutalizing duo that Stone & X would form. Of course i’m sure the two would have a field day with that play on words, and the resulting track would leave you both nauseous with bloody ears, and dying for more.

9. “What’s HIMMI?”

I’m thinking of this as a mix between “What’s My Name” and HIMMI HYME. This would probably be the most popular track on the collab, and I just really want to hear DMX say “You think this a Hyme? YOU THINK THIS A FUCKIN’ HYME???”

8. “Ruff Ones”

This would be the track to showcase both Stevie & X’s rough, grimy vocals. As far as subject matter goes, I’m envisioning a story about Stevie & DMX roaming a post-apocalyptic landscape with a pack of pitbulls in an armored-up, new Batmobile-looking Escalade….or something.

7. “Raw Dogs”

I’m pretty sure there’s a rule that the word “Dog” must appear somewhere in every DMX project, so here it is. I’m seeing an 808 heavy beat, Stevie and DMX rapping about their respective realities, and a shitload of barking…

6. “Tales From The Strange Side” ft. Tech N9ne & Brotha Lynch Hung

Yeah, we had to throw a Tech feature in there! This would be the ultimate banger, and we’re pretty sure Tech & Brotha Lynch are the only ones who wouldn’t be put off by DMX rapping about blowing people’s faces off and making love to corpses.

5. “Dollar General ReduX”

I mean come on, could you imagine Stevie Stone & DMX robbin’ a place blind? Now you can…you’re welcome.

4. “Dogs & Bitches”

I think this is about the closest thing to a love song we would get from DMX & Stevie Stone…Let your mind roam free on this one, just envision DMX referring to sex as “breedin’ with bitches”.

3. “Strange Rydaz”

This would be the anthem cut off the collab. I’m hearing lots of barking on this one again, and I would just be praying for Stevie to say “Ohhhh noooo, that’s how Stevie Stone rollll”.

2. “And Then There Was Stone”

I would want this one to just be Stevie Stone tearing shit up, maybe with a super dark & chilling intro from DMX reading a particularly ominous verse from the Bible or something. Ohhhhkay, a couple “ARF!”‘s in this one too.

1. “Turn The Party Up In Here”

Of course you have to have a party cut on the collab, and this would be it. “Y’all gon’ make me HIMMI HYME, up in here, up in here”. I want that in my life.


  • What did you think of our list?

  • What song titles would you throw out for this?

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