StrangeGiving 2012 – 5 Must Grab Items During The 50% Off Sale

Nov 19 2012

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past few days, our StrangeGiving sale is back with a vengeance! 50% off virtually all merchandise on the SM Store, and tons of new merch to boot!

Since we know all those choices can be a bit overwhelming, we’re gonna do y’all a solid. Here’s 5 items that we feel are must-haves that are currently half off and going fast!

So head to the SM Store and get Strange’d up before it’s all gone!

5. Kutt Calhoun Black Skull T-Shirt – This is one of the dopest Kutt Calhoun shirts ever in our opinion, and there’s not many of these things left! Once they’re gone they’re gone, so don’t miss out on this awesome T shirt!

4. Ladies Red Sparkle Wing T-Shirt We don’t mean to be sexist or anything but I mean…flowers, sparkles, wings…what else could you possibly want on a t-shirt ladies? Oh yeah, a big ol’ Snake and Bat!!!

3. Team Stone T-Shirt #TeamStone is growing every day, and with Momentum still going strong in all our headphones, what better way to represent the Himmi Hyme life than with this dope shirt?

2. Gray Est. Hoodie We’re not positive, but there may still be people out there who aren’t familiar with the Snake and Bat, so let em know who we are! Strange Music, where bullshit ain’t nothin’, since 2000!

1. Strange Music Flask We don’t want to condone drinking or anything but…let’s be honest, we Strangers like to party. Now, you can put water or juice or whatever you want in here….ORRRR…you can fill it full of Caribou Lou or KC Tea and take that Strange Party on the go! Just don’t get behind the wheel with that thing, even if there’s juice in it you might get some dirty looks.


  • What did you think of our picks?

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