‘Groundbreaking’ – Ubiquitous Talks New Tour, New Album, Meaning Behind ‘CES’

Dec 27 2012

Since signing with Strange Music earlier this year, CES Cru has definitely kept themselves busy. After releasing 2 solo mixtapes and an EP, the duo went straight to work on their Strange Music full length debut.

With all of this going on, Ubiquitous still had time to sit down with KC magazine Ink to talk about what 2013 has in store for the best cru.

One of the more interesting things covered in the interview is the meaning behind the CES in CES Cru. When asked about the meaning, Ubi had this to say:

It originally stood for Conglomerate Elements of Self-Consciousness. Our first album was titled “Capture Enemy Soldiers,” my production company is called Commercial Entertainment Syndicate, and this upcoming album is called “Constant Energy Struggles.” We have a whole bunch more, and some we have yet to reveal.

Other topics covered in the interview include EXTREMELY loyal fans, touring with Strange Music on the Independent Powerhouse Tour, and more!

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  • What does C.E.S. mean to you?

  • Who do you hope to see featured on CES Cru’s upcoming album?

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