‘Merry Krizzmas!’ – Top 5 Christmas Songs Krizz Kaliko Should Totally Remake

Dec 17 2012

'Merry Krizzmas!' - Top 5 Christmas Songs Krizz Kaliko Should Totally Remake

With the Christmas season steadily approaching and two Krizzmas shows coming up, we started thinking about some outdated Christmas songs that could use a Krizz Kaliko update. I mean, in a perfect world, he would remake all of them, but we only have time to pick 5 so we’ll do that.

So pour up some egg nogg, build a nice big fire, and if you’re in the Colorado Springs/Denver area make sure to catch the Merry Krizzmas Tour December 21st and 22nd.

Christmas is gettin’ Kalified!

5. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” – We just feel like this track would suit Krizz’s style so well. Speed that shit up a little bit, throw some “AHA!” ad-libs in here and there, and you’ve got a certified Krizzmas banger.

4. “Jingle Bell Rock” – This is one of the “newer” Christmas songs (If you consider 1957 to be “recent”), and sure everyone from Billy Idol to Wayne Newton has covered it, but I feel like Krizz could soul this one up a little bit, give it a little bit more….Kali. NOTE: Apparently the B-Side to the original version of this song is called “Captain Santa Claus (And His Reindeer Space Patrol)”…Ya know what? Scratch the whole Jingle Bell Rock thing…we want some “Captain Krizz And His Reindeer Space Patrol” action.

3. “The Christmas Song” – It may not be the most original song title ever, but even people who don’t celebrate Christmas know the opening line, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”…that should have just been the name of the song. Anyway, this is a nice slow Christmas classic that we think Krizz would definitely rock. Nat King Krizz…think about it.

2. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – What’s a Christmas album without a duet? We’re envisioning someone like Liz Suwandi trading lines with Krizz on this one. With two sets of chops like that on one song, we dare you not to feel the Christmas spirit. We dare you…

1. “Winter Wonderland” – Okay, picture Krizz Kaliko in an all white suit, walking through a crudely made clay-mation set, belting out this song while those Gumby-looking elves and reindeer are running around with this guy. It would either be awesome or just hilarious, but most likely both.


Krizz Kaliko - Strange Krizzmas Live!

  • What songs did we miss?
  • Do you think Krizz should do a Christmas album?

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