LISTEN: Prozak ‘Knuckle Up’ Featuring R.O.C. And The Dirtball [Audio]

Dec 4 2012

Prozak "Knuckle Up" Featuring R.O.C. And The Dirtball

With his upcoming Nocturnal EP just around the corner, Prozak drops off a new fist-pumping anthem and looks to the underground for the assist.

“Knuckle Up” is the first sampling from Nocturnal and features Detroit vet R.O.C. along with the Kottonmouth Kings’ own The Dirtball over thumping production that takes Prozak back to his roots in the Midwest.

Charged-up and ready to strike, the three emcees “Knuckle Up” for what is sure to be one of the hardest tracks on Nocturnal.

Watch where you step!



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