Strange Family: Shining A Spotlight On Gift Of Rap 2012 Sponsors

Dec 3 2012

As our First Annual Gift of Rap Benefit Concert nears it’s start, we thought we’d take some time out and shine the spotlight on the people that are making this possible.

It’s not easy organizing and supplying a benefit of this caliber, and though the Snake and Bat army is pretty big, we enlisted some outsiders to help us give back this year. Take a look at who we brought on to help us help others:

KC Trends:

If you’ve gotten something dope done to your car in KC in the last 15 years you’ve either gone to KC Trends or you should have gone to KC Trends. When these guys aren’t helping us end the problem of hunger, they’re busy being the go-to guys in the Kansas City area for automotive customization. We also hear they’re going to be raffling off some DOPE prizes, so you might want to pay these guys a visit on the day of the show.

CBS Outdoor:

Sometimes when you’re a broadcasting company as big as CBS, the confines of buildings and homes just can’t hold you anymore, and you gotta break outside. CBS has been taking their talents to the streets with creative and interactive billboards and street marketing, so when you get to Kansas City for the show, don’t be surprised if you see some super dope Strange billboards helping to fight hunger & making people happy.


What good is a message if people don’t hear or see it? When we decided to give back this year, COLORMARK stepped in to offer their services as a printing and marketing company to help us get the word out in a creative and memorable way. Aside from being down with the movement, COLORMARK is THE place to go in Kansas City if you want your campaign to get extra shine. Check ’em out!

Simon Malls/Independence Center:

For years, Simon Malls have been making your shopping experience a little less soul-stealing, and if you’re in town for the Gift of Rap show, you’re probably going to want to go shopping at some point, right? Well Simon Malls & the Independence Center have got you covered, as they will be giving away gift cards for the mall at the show! So not only are they helping us help the less fortunate, they’re helping you get some dope stuff at the same time!

Wrap Factory: If you live in the KC area or if you’ve seen us on tour, then you’ve DEFINITELY seen our super dope Strange’d out vans & buses. Well the guys at Wrap Factory are the geniuses behind those amazing vehicle wraps, and they’re also the homies, so when they heard we were giving back this year they decided to chip in as well! Don’t be surprised if you see a Gift of Wrap van driving around town before the show!

Gates BBQ: You knew this was happening folks! Of course when we decided to give back to the Kansas City area this year, the one obvious sponsor was Gates BBQ! They’ve been a staple in Kansas City for over 60 years, and they’re arguably the best BBQ we’ve got. If you haven’t heard yet, they’re also going to be catering out VIP Contest, which will get you a Gates BBQ Suite Party with the General Tech N9ne himself. We dare you not to think of this video if you win.

DSS, Inc.: Yeah, we’re good at putting on live events. If you’ve seen a Strange Music show, you know we’re not lying. But this year with the Gift of Rap benefit, we wanted to give y’all something EXTRA special, and that’s where DSS, Inc. comes in. These guys are experts at providing awesome, well-organized events. Expect a Strange Music event on steroids! Only the best for those in need!


  • Are you attending Tech N9ne’s Gift Of Rap 2012?

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