Creating Eclectic Soundwaves – How CES Cru Is Opening A New Lane For Strange [Editorial]

Jan 17 2013

You may not see it yet, but a new era of Strange Music is taking shape right before your eyes.

While no one can deny the impact Strange Music’s artists have had on Hip Hop over the past 10+ years, everything changes and the Snake and Bat is no exception to that rule.

There is a shift in paradigms occurring within the confines of the Strange Music empire, and the recently signed duo CES Cru are at the forefront of a new age.

Strange Music Ghetto Blaster

Ubiquitous and Godemis are part of a new breed of up-and-coming emcees that are ushering in a new “Golden Era” of Hip Hop, much like the one that occurred in the early to mid-90s. Acts like CES Cru are taking all the things about Hip Hop that we loved during that golden era, and expanding upon them in a way that we’ve never seen before.

CES Cru has the ability to act as a bridge between Strange Music fans and more traditional Hip Hop fans while at the same time combining the two styles into something completely new and different.

We see a similar trend emerging with other up-and-coming Hip Hop outfits like the TDE and Pro-Era crews. This new school of emcees are creating a seamless blend of street knowledge and higher learning that has something for pretty much everybody.

TDE/Pro Era

With CES Cru hard at work on their full length Strange Music debut Constant Energy Struggles, an opportunity has presented itself to expand the Strange family and help usher in a new age of Hip Hop.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m excited.

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