Wrekonize Reaches New Heights With 'Rooftops' Mixtape – Available NOW!

Jan 31 2013


Click HERE to download Wrekonize’s The Rooftops Mixtape

DUDE! For real? You just cannot stop these dudes from the ¡MAYDAY! crew, it just can’t be done.

Fresh off the release of ¡MAYDAY!’s Smash And Grab mixtape and the instrumental version of their Strange Music debut Take Me To Your Speakers, Wrekonize took to his blog to announce the final mixtape in his Waiting Room series, The Rooftops Mixtape.

This mixtape will serve both as a follow-up to Wrek’s previous mixtapes The Waiting Room and Elevator Music, and as an opportunity to gather some of Wrek’s best freestyles and previously un-executed ideas into one project.

We’re pretty excited about both of those aspects, and with a track list like the one you’re about to see below, you should be too!

Rooftops Tracklist

Oh yeah, and you see that little black banner at the bottom of that tracklist? Yeah, that would be the title to Wrekonize’s upcoming solo Strange debut which drops this summer. So. Much. Excitement.

Well, we’re going to go listen to this 10 times over and freak out over this Rittz feature, enjoy y’all!


  • What’s your favorite Wrekonize project?

  • Who do you hope to see featured on Wrek’s full length debut?

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