Yelawolf Interviews Rittz For [Video]

Jan 25 2013

Recently during the Slumerican Tour, caught up with Yelawolf and our boy Rittz aka White Jesus to discuss coming up in the game and what it takes to make it in Hip Hop these days.

Instead of doing the conventional interview, they decided to hand the mic over to Yelawolf and let HIM interview Rittz.

What ensues is 10 minutes of both hilarious interactions between the two emcees, and incredibly intimate and informative stories from the Georgia rapper about coming up through the ranks and making a name for himself.

With Rittz gearing up to join Tech N9ne and more on the Independent Powerhouse Tour, you can be sure that a lot more people are about to know the name Rittz.

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  • What did you think of the interview?
  • Did you learn something about Rittz you didn’t know before?

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