Producer Spotlight: Diesel Beatz Talks 'Momentum' And Working With Strange Music [Exclusive]

Jan 14 2013

With all of the unique and exciting music that dropped in 2012, it’s easy to sometimes overlook the individuals responsible for laying the foundation to some of our favorite tracks. In a year that saw more Strange Music releases than ever before, fresh and talented producers were key.

Stevie Stone - "Momentum"One of the newest faces to hit the scene was Diesel Beatz, the man behind Stevie Stone’s headknockin’ anthem, “Momentum”. Billed as the lead single for the EP of the same name, “Momentum” was easily one of the most hardcore tracks of 2012 and even managed to catch The Rock’s attention.

We decided to catch up with Diesel Beatz to get a better understanding behind the making of “Momentum” and give our readers some insight into the promising producer’s career.

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I’m interested in how “Momentum” came about. Was that made just for Stevie Stone?

I had the idea of giving Stevie Stone something heavy – something bass-driven and aggressive. That’s how Stevie Stone is. He has this heavy and raspy voice mixed with the aggressiveness. I knew he would like that sound. That’s the kind of music I make. It’s rap’s headbanging equivalent.

I’ve talked to him in the past on Twitter and Ive listened to his music since signing with Strange Music. I just love his music- the whole Strange camp. I like everything that comes out from it and Stevie Stone in particular. He has a heavy sound, but he likes the trap style beats – you know the 808 bass style beats. That’s what I make. I knew it would connect perfectly.

What was your reaction to hearing “Momentum” for the first time?

When I heard it, I lost it. As soon as it came on, I lost it. I started sharing it with everyone. It was an amazing song – I felt like he heard the beat and knew exactly how to approach it.

What do you look for in an artist?

I’m looking for somebody that has an aggressive delivery and doesn’t mind getting amped up. My beats are pretty hype. I need somebody that has substance to them and can deliver over the heavy beats.

You mention the heavy beats and from “Momentum” I get the impression that DMX must have had some sort of influence on your music. Is that fair to say?

Yessir, DMX definitely did. I can actually hear a little bit of DMX when I listen to Stevie Stone. He also reminds me Magic from No Limit. They both have a raspy voice. They’re real similar and I think they would sound nice on a track together.

As someone who has worked with Strange Music, what does it take to get on one of their projects?

To submit to Strange – they actually have a pretty strict selection process. I actually sent in beats before and they didn’t make the cut and I just kept trying. You definitely have to have your music at the top of the line – high quality.

What can fans look forward to hearing from you?

I would like to continue working with the Strange camp. I love the music and the dedicated fanbase. Right now I’m working on some submissions for Strange Music, Lloyd Banks, Yo Gotti, and Stalley.



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