Who’s The Most Terrible And Demented Cannibal Of All Time?

Jan 23 2013


“Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.” – Paul Rodriguez

Before Mannibalector hits the shelves, let’s break down a few things.

There are many “taboos” in American culture as well all around the world, but few are as unexpected as cannibalism. In this day and age, the consumption of human flesh by other human beings is rare and few accounts of cannibalism have been deemed justified. The rugby team trapped in the Chilean mountains fed on the flesh of the dead to survive, not unlike the Donner Party here in America during the rush to the West. Tribes in New Guinea would eat the meat of rival tribes to gain their soul and power. It was said that the best way to take a mans being itself is to eat him. There has been many reported cannibals in history, here are just a few.

Where does the Coathanga Strangla fit in?

Albert Fish “The Werewolf of Wysteria” (America) 1870-1936

When talking about American serial killers/cannibals most people think of Jeffery Dahmer. Nearly 200 years before him was an even more terrifying man that consumed the flesh of his fellow man. Albert Fish was born May 19th, 1870 in Washington D.C. where he lived out most of his youth in orphanages. The Fish family was riddled with mental illness and mania. By the time Fish was 20 he had relocated to Brooklyn where he became a male prostitute. This was a man who had many masochistic hobbies such as paying “ladies of the night” to beat him and piercing himself deep into his groin with long needles. By the time Albert was 55 he became massively delusional, believing God was instructing him to torture small boys. Fish had claimed at one point to around 100 victims saying he “had children in every state.” Albert Fish served jail time off and on for several smaller crimes through out his life. The final time he was arrested for conning a family into letting him take there daughter Grace Budd to a birthday party of which she never returned. He later admitted

“I choked her to death, then cut her into small pieces so I could take my meat to my rooms, cook and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me nine days to eat her entire body.”

Fritz Haarmann “The Butcher of Hannover” (Germany) 1879-1925

America wasn’t the only country dealing with this most gruesome of taboos during the dawn of the 19th Century: Hanover, Germany’s own Fritz Haarmann gave even the devil a run for his money. Living a life of a petty thief and con man wasn’t quite cutting it in a WWI/post-WWI Germany. In 1919 Haarmann took his first victim: witnesses placed Haarman to be the last one seen with 17-year-old Friedel Rothe. He was not charged with her death at the time and served a short period in jail where he met future accomplice Hans Grans. Upon release, Grans and Haarmann became lovers and roommates. Teaming up, the two began taking young men, who were either traveling or runaways, from the Hanover railway station, luring the men back to Haarmann’s apartment. As you could imagine, meat had become very scarce in a post-war economy and was very expensive. A man could make a lot of money at that time selling meat on the black market and that is exactly what Haarmann had done. His favorite means to their end was to bite through the throats. He became quite good at butchering and was a skilled sausage maker, selling the meat (consuming it) and his victims’ possessions. In the end, Haarmaan and Grans were caught in the possession of several human skeletal remains and the possessions of his “live stock”. He was charged with the murders of 27 and found guilty on 24. Those are just the ones they had at least an ounce of proof of.

Ed Gein “The Plainfield Ghoul” (America) 1906-1984

Edward Gein does not fit the definition of a serial killer, even though even today he has made a lasting impression on popular culture. Gein lived on a farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin with his family, mother Augusta, father George, and brother Henry. In 1940 Gein’s father died. In 1944 he lost his brother, leaving him alone with his Old Testament-Lutheran-mother until her death in 1945. Now alone, Gein started to take a deep interest in reading about stories of head hunters, Nazis, and the occult–as well human anatomy, especially that of women. Gein began taking nighttime trips to the local graveyard to exhume the bodies of women and take them back to his home. What Ed really wanted was to change sexes and become a woman. He greatly enjoyed his moonlight dances in the yard wearing nothing but a suit of women’s skin. When a local shop owner came up missing, Gein became suspect number one. When police arrived at his home they discovered the dead body of Bernice Worden hung headless in the shed, tied up like a gutted dear. While searching the home authorities discovered a horrific scene: nine masks of human skin, bowls made out of the tops of skulls, nine vulvae in a shoe box, and organs in the refrigerator–just to name a few. Gein always claimed he was neither a cannibal or a necrophiliac. Then again would you trust a man like this?

Andrei Chikatilo “The Butcher of Rostov” (Russia) 1936-1994

In another country ravaged by poverty and famine–Ukraine/SSR during the time of Joseph Stalin–it was common place to hear story’s of cannibalism. A mother had once told her son that his brother was taken and consumed by starving neighbors. That young son of farm laborers was one Andrei Chikatilo. Chikatilo’s father was later drafted into the Red Army during WWII and was taken as a prisoner of war after being injured in battle. Chikatilo grew up to witness the Blitzkriegs and was both fascinated and frightened by them. Despite the times and his upbringing he would go on to earn a degree in Russian literature and become a teacher. Chikitilo didn’t last long in that role due to his inappropriate acts with his young students. These acts continued throughout his life and grew into an obsession. Andrei would lure young kids and prostitutes from rail stations off into the woods where he would try to have his way with them. Blood and death seemed to be the only thing that would get him off. Chikatilo’s job had him traveling a lot and this murderous game of cat and mouse became routine. In the region of Rostov mutilated body’s were showing up regularly around the rail stations. The majority of them had multiple stab wounds to the face and body with the eyes gouged out. Some bodies were found with tongues bitten out or disemboweled with organs missing. In 1984 Chikatilo killed 15, eight in the month of August alone. Andrei Chikatilo was finally apprehended in Nov. 1990. Within a few weeks of his capture he confessed to a total of 56 murders, making him the most prolific serial killer/cannibal in Russian history.

Real name unknown “The Coat Hanga Strangla” (America) Current

Not since “The Vampire of Sacramento” Richard Trenton Chase in the 1970s has the California state capitol seen a presence of murder and cannibalism as with “The Coathanga Strangla.” This unapprehended menace to the 916 has been leaving a trail of dismembered corpses floating in the Sacramento River. Many factors could have lead to these depraved acts of violence. What is known is that he isn’t afraid to publish his sicc thoughts in rhyme. He blatantly lays out his love for human flesh in the song “Split Personality”, quoted as saying:

“Friday the 13th my day to work meat Butcher shoppin’ for Halloween Took it chop it pop it hollow tips I don’t want to get pushin’ the issue But this is who listen to sicc shit I don’t need to get him look at him cook him.”

Until the Coathanga is brought to justice expect to hear of many more missing people and rappers in area. Steer clear: if he wants your skills he will be quick to eat them out of you!

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  • Who’s the most demented cannibal of all time?

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