A Spotlight on Street Teams

Jan 28 2013

Since its inception, with Tech N9ne at the helm, Strange Music has had an incredibly strong fan following, one comprised of individuals who long to be involved with their favorite label and emcees. Naturally, Strange Music Street Teams emerged as an easy way for fans to promote in their local markets.

The first Street Teams were seen in 2000 as a way to promote Tech’s Anghellic album. According to Aaron Bean, Street Team Coordinator, there were about twelve teams spread throughout the Midwest, LA and Florida at the time. Twelve teams have now grown to around 94 all across America and Bean says that Canadian teams are just around the corner.

Though there are an impressive number of members, many Strange Music fans are still unaware of what Street Teams actually do and just how important they have become.

For every full-length album release and tour, Strange Music provides all Street Teams with posters, flyers and stickers. The team is responsible for distributing the material around local retail stores and venues. Additionally, when there is a show in town, the street teamers will often help out decorating the venue and handing out samples to the crowd.

Brotha Lynch Hung - Mannibalector

Bean also says that members are encouraged to do their own promoting by getting to know local promoters, buyers and venue owners as well as reaching out via social media. He stresses that the Street Teams are very important to expanding the Strange Music fan base and that the physical presence they create is essential.

The Street Teams can always use more members, and it couldn’t be easier to get involved! The first step is signing up on the website and getting in contact with your area’s team lead. From there you are free to do as much to support Strange Music as possible!

While this isn’t a paid position, it is a great way to spread the word about your favorite independent label. As Bean puts it, “This is a ‘for the love’ kind of gig.”

For other news and information on the Street Teams, check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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