Top 5 Reasons To Attend The Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013

Jan 30 2013

Independent Powerhouse The Independent Powerhouse 2013 Tour is coming to a city near you!

With a whole new lineup and tons of new music for y’all to hear live, we thought we’d break down what we feel are the top 5 reasons you should attend the Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013. Check it.

5. The Lineup, Man!

Do you see all those names up there? Not only is the OG crew coming out but we’ve got a few new names on there as well. Recent Strange Music acquisitions CES Cru and Rittz will be on this tour, both with full-length debuts on the way so you may just hear some of that new new! This is one of the most exciting lineups we’ve had in a minute, which brings us to our next reason…

4. Kutty is back on the road!!

Kutt Calhoun Live

While Kutt Calhoun has been plenty busy with solo shows, this is his first tour with the whole Strange Music crew since Tech N9ne’s All 6’s and 7’s Tour in 2011. Throw in the fact that Kutt also has a full length on the way with BLACK GOLD, and you’ve got some pretty excited Kutt Calhoun fans, ourselves included!

3. New Tracks Galore!!

Not only is this one of the sickest lineups Strange Music has ever assembled for a tour, but every single one of these artists has a new album coming out this year, so chances are you’re going to be the first to hear some brand new shit, and it’s gonna be live! So not only is this going to be a DOPE live show, but it’s damn near going to be a listening party as well, so you do NOT want to miss out on that!

2. Meet the new artists!

Ces Cru & Rittz

Just like with any Strange Music tour, VIP packages are available and come complete with a ticket to the show, with the added bonus of $350 worth of Strange merch, and admittance to a one-hour meet and greet with all the artists on the tour! This tour is different, however, because there’s some new hands for y’all to shake! As we mentioned before, this is the first tour that involves CES Cru and Rittz, as well as Brotha Lynch Hung, who some of you may not have gotten to meet yet. Bring your cameras and sharpies, y’all!

1. Areoloa.

Need I say more? This reason is really more for the male concert goers (and females who appreciate other females’ beauty), but if you’ve ever been to a Tech N9ne show, you KNOW you’re gonna see some proud females displaying their wonderful gifts for all the world to see. We don’t mean to sound shallow or anything, but we think that’s pretty much all the reason you need to see this tour. Dope live music AND proud, beautiful women displaying their….admiration?Count us in.

There it is y’all. If those 5 things didn’t immediately motivate you to head to and grab your tickets/VIP packages, then….we don’t know what to tell you…maybe Billy Joel and Elton John are doing another tour soon. We hope to see all of you out at the shows getting hype as FUCK! Peace!

Click HERE to purchase tickets and VIP packages for the Independent Powerhouse Tour!

  • Who are y’all the most excited to see on the tour?
  • Which city do you plan on hitting up?
  • Will this be your first Strange Music show? If not, what was your first?

Let us know in the comments section below!