Chakra Enhancing Sounds: CES Cru And A Brief Look At Eastern Philosophies [Editorial]

Feb 22 2013

CES Cru Lotus

CES Cru’s first set of visuals for Constant Energy Struggles recently hit the internet, marking the birth of the Strange-Hop movement.

For those not familiar with CES Cru, their lyrics (and in this case, videos) are heavily influenced by spiritual themes, predominantly from the East. In an attempt to help fans further understand the subjects embedded within Ubi and Godemis’ flows, we thought we’d give y’all a brief lesson on some of the things they discuss in their music.

Let’s take the title of their latest single “Lotus” as a jump off.

Lotus Chakras

The title “Lotus” refers to the lotus position, a yoga pose and basic meditation stance originating from ancient India and practiced by Hindus, Buddhists, and several other eastern religions.

The Lotus position is meant to align your body’s vital energy points, or Chakras, and facilitate deep breathing necessary for meditation.

You’ll notice that in the video for “Lotus”, Ubiquitous appears on a gigantic screen with a peculiar symbol on his forehead. That is the Brow Chakra, or Ajna, and is associated with the pineal gland or third eye

Pineal Gland Third EyeThe pineal gland, named after it’s pine-cone like structure, is scientifically responsible for producing Melatonin and regulating the body’s circadian rhythm or sleep pattern, and also helps regulate your moods.

Mystically, it’s largely associated with higher knowledge and the ability to “see” or sense extra-sensory aspects of life such as auras, chakras, and clairvoyant beings (spirits).

The third eye has been referenced in a multitude of Eastern religions, and also has mentions within Christianity as an extrasensory organ, and is called the third eye partly because in certain reptiles the pineal gland or parietal eye actually has a lens and retina.

Snake Third EyeThe idea behind Chakras is that they are conduits throughout your body through which universal energy flows. The more aligned and strengthened your chakras are, the more in tune you will be with the universal vibration, and thus in tune with your true self.

ChakrasObviously, this is just a brief look at some of the themes explored by CES Cru in their unique brand of Hip Hop, and we encourage y’all to do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

This post was merely an attempt to get the ball rolling on education about these subjects, and deter any judgement based on insufficient knowledge of the subject.

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