‘My Mom Would Have Loved It’ – Brotha Lynch Hung On ‘Mannibalector’ Shock Ending [EXCLUSIVE]

Feb 7 2013

Brotha Lynch Hung On "Mannibalector" Ending

In anticipation of Mannibalector, we caught up with Brotha Lynch Hung for a rare interview opportunity to get his thoughts on the grand finale to his Coathanga Strangla trilogy.

In part one of our sit-down, Lynch discussed what it was like crafting the last chapter in his three-year journey. For the conclusion of our conversation, Brotha Lynch Hung spoke on the album’s shocking end and in an almost bizarre twist, touchingly reflected on what his mother would have thought.

Brotha Lynch Hung shared his full confidence in the album and the staying power it will have with fans:

I would hope that they go back and listen to the first two albums, and then when they connect the three, I think they’re going to really enjoy how we did this and how we ended it. They’re going to know that it had to end with this trilogy. Story and content-wise they’re going to love it.

There’s no other artist right now that you could find that has this. For them to have that in their collection, it will be a first.

Listeners who have already experienced the disturbing end to Mannibalector may find the focal point oddly familiar as Brotha Lynch Hung’s career has been full of odes and conversations regarding his mother. Although the ending may incite a wide variety emotions from fans, Lynch only looked to remember the most important person in his life:

The recording part was fun. I got to do some stuff with Travis O’Guin and I got to see some of his acting skills, so the recording part was fun. The ending was kind of emotional for me as you could see over the years, I’ve been going through that problem with my mom dying so I kind of wanted to revisit bringing my mom back into the subject, even though it’s a raw way of doing it. I know people will probably think, “Wow! How much did he love his mom?” I loved my mom to death. She’s my only mom and I’m her only son. My mom would have loved it. Doing that ending was therapy for me.

I got to let my mom live again.


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