‘Kind Of Wore Me Down A Bit’ – Brotha Lynch Hung Talks Creating ‘Mannibalector’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Feb 1 2013

Brotha Lynch Hung Breaks Silence On 'Mannibalector'

With Mannibalector, the final chapter in Brotha Lynch Hung’s Coathanga Strangla trilogy nearing it’s release date, we had to sit down with everyone’s favorite cannibalyricist to talk about this momentous release.

In this exclusive interview, Brotha Lynch talks to us about the end of an era for him, the features he chose for the album and why he chose them and addresses the difficulty of staying within the story.

On the subject of Mannibalector, why is this album so significant to you?

To me, it’s the end of an era in my life. I came up with this whole three-album trilogy idea even before I signed with Strange, but didn’t have the manpower and the money and I did know that Strange did have both of those so I couldn’t wait to do it. Now that it’s done, it’s a lot of pressure off of me because I finally got an idea done that I had been wanting to do for so many years. I also felt like nobody else had done that either.

What can you tell me about the features on Mannibalector and more importantly, why did you pick those features?

Big fans of both of Hopsin and Yelawolf. Trizz, I think is an up and coming artist that kind of thinks my way as far as making albums. I think he’s very creative and I like that type of thing. He knew that out of all the features I had, the type of story I was trying to stick to and he was down to go along with it.

Yelawolf and Hopsin are some of my favorite rappers out right now. G-Macc and Bleezo, they’re artists that I’ve been working with for years so I wanted them on there obviously. Tech N9ne is the man. I’ve never needed any rapper to be on my album, but I love Tech N9ne’s music so much that I’ll try to get him on any album I can.

You previously mentioned that the guest features fit into the storyline. Was that difficult to achieve?

Yeah, and I did about ninety-percent of the achieving. The only person I feel that really didn’t fit into the storyline was Bleezo. He’s on the song with G-Macc. That’s why I say ninety-percent. G-Macc fit in. Tech N9ne fit in. Hopsin and Yelawolf definitely fit in with their perspective subjects that they had to follow through on.

One thing that I was really curious about on your writing with these three albums, when you try to personify someone or try to become a character, in some cases some people push a little too much, and I’m wondering if this ever took a toll on you, being in the mind-state of this character for three albums.

Yeah, it really did.

I wanted to show more lyrical ability when I signed to Strange Music and that was kind of limited because I had to more so tell stories than mostly worry about lyrics. That’s why I was granted a video, “Meat Cleaver”, to where I could do some looser stuff and they let me do it as a video, so I was very excited about that.

Everything else I pretty much had to stay within this storyline and create something that would match the skits that I had on the album. That kind of wore me down a little bit. I also had to battle with what was cool to put out and what was not cool to put out. Like what was good to say in the songs and what was bad to say in the songs.

Stay tuned for the conclusion to our sit-down with Brotha Lynch Hung!

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