Fan Creates Custom Brotha Lynch Hung Emblem For ‘Black Ops 2’ [Video]

Feb 14 2013

Black Ops 2 copyGamers ’bout to get stabbed, GRRR!!!

Recently, YouTube user Diztraught created a video tutorial on how to make one of the best looking custom Call of Duty Black Ops II emblems we’ve ever seen.

We’re still not entirely sure how he figured it out, but the video below takes you step by step, and the end result is impressive to say the least.

It’s well known among Brotha Lynch Hung fans that he is an avid gamer, and can often be spotted on the PlayStation Network playing games like SOCOM, so we know he’d appreciate this, especially because the whole tutorial is set to the smash hit “Stabbed” off his recently released Mannibalector album!

Check the video below, and don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Mannibalector!

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