‘Boom!’ – Fan Shows Off ‘Kickin’ & Screamin” Pre-Order [Video]

May 16 2012

Fan Unboxes "Kickin' & Screamin'"

As if a brand new album from Krizz Kaliko wasn’t enough, fans who scooped up a pre-order also received great exclusives and as this video demonstrates, there’s nothing better than getting a complete Kickin’ & Screamin experience.

DaWizardKing17 jumped on the web to show off his exclusive Kickin’ & Screamin’ pre-order which included an autographed copy of the album, a full color sticker, an exclusive t-shirt, and a bonus free download of the unreleased track, “Bad Man”.

With fans still receiving their pre-orders, we’re sure to see plenty more of these videos around Strangeland.

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Click here to purchase the Kickin’ & Screamin’ iTunes Deluxe Edition.

Includes two bonus tracks not available anywhere else!

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