The Greatest Brotha Lynch Hung Un-Boxing Video Ever [VIDEO]

Feb 12 2013

Back in the day, if you wanted to buy something, what you were getting inside was pretty much a surprise. Now, with the glorious internet, a new form of consumer research has developed.

Un-boxing or un-packaging videos are usually made by regular ol’ people just like us who take one for the team and record themselves opening their newly purchased items, so everyone else can watch and know what they’re getting.

In this case, the item is Mannibalector, the new album from Brotha Lynch Hung, and the un-boxer is YouTube user Str8UpReviews.

We wouldn’t say this is the most informative un-boxing we’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely the most entertaining.

The amount of charisma this guy has is just awesome, and as he takes us through the contents of Brotha Lynch Hung’s newest album, we’re laughing all the way.

As a bonus, we get a breakdown of the included booklet displaying the scheduled Strange Music releases for 2013. We see album art for Rittz, CES Cru, WarZone Wrekonize, and more!

Click HERE to purchase Mannibalector!

  • What did you think of this guy’s video?
  • Which 2013 release are you most excited for?
  • Have you made any Strange un-boxing videos?

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