RECAP – Rittz Goes LIVE On The Air To Take Calls From The Fans, Answer Questions

May 15 2013

We had Rittz LIVE on the air on Monday, May 13, 2013 to answer our questions and take calls from the fans!

Here’s how it all went down.

We asked Rittz about the “Switch Lanes” music video featuring Mike Posner. The hit single from The Life And Times of Jonny Valiant is blowing up the web as we speak.

Yeah man it’s huge. Everybody seems to be feeling it man. I love the video personality. To take a break from tour and to go to LA and shoot it with Mike. As you can see by the visuals we had a good time. I’m just glad it’s out there now. I love the record, love the song. I’m just happy everybody got to see it.

Rittz disclosed the conditions behind the making of the music video. As it turns out he shot the video on one hour of sleep, proving once again that Rittz is no stranger to the grind.

Rittz also told the story about how him and Mike Posner linked up to make the anthemic, car-friendly track. Rittz didn’t know a lot about Mike Posner’s music before meeting him, but of course knew about him, which was enough to cause them to meet in Los Angeles after going back and forth on Twitter.

Rittz shared that he hopes to work with Mike again, and given the results of their first go-around, that’s something that should definitely happen. Rittz also discussed any hesitation he dealt with by writing “Switch Lanes”, not wanting to look like he was making an attempt to go pop-friendly. “It kind of happened naturally” the Slumerican emcee said. The consequences of that being a song with huge crossover potential that is gaining traction on the radio. “This is the song we’ve been wanting” Rittz told us Tech and Travis O’Guin said upon hearing “Switch Lanes”. The evidence of this is the song going against Bruno Mars for airplay on an online radio contest in Wisconsin. Whether the song becomes a hit on the radio or not Rittz would probably have to find out through social media and his people, for he admits to being a CD guy over everything. “I’m not a radio hater, I just don’t listen to it that much,” he said.

“That was so amazing” Rittz said about Cheeto’s expedition to buy every copy of The Life And Times of Jonny Valiant from all of Gwinnett County’s Best Buys. “Cheeto made it to where the radio had to call us the northside” Rittz revealed, reciprocating his respect for the Gwinnett County legend. “I would do the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot.”

For the rest you’re going to have to check out the podcast.

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RIttz - The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

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