CES Cru To Perform At 'Mission Underground' Live Cypher Series

Jun 12 2013

Hip Hop Heads, it’s time to get excited.

For those of you that aren’t familiar, Team Backpack puts together cyphers of dope emcees and lets them do what they do best. Usually they throw the videos up on YouTube like they did with that awesome cypher Krizz Kaliko was in recently.

This time, however, they’re taking it to the stage for a live cypher series in San Francisco for their “Mission Underground” event, and they’ve invited 2 of the hardest lyricists Kansas City has to offer, CES Cru!

Not only will it be a live show, but the guys at Team Backpack have hooked up with Ustream and are doing a live feed of the event!

Performing at the Mission Underground even this year is none other than CES Cru, as well as some other dope underground mainstays like Irv Da Phenom, Snak The Ripper, Duckworth, and more! The guys even put together a dope video giving a breakdown of the event which you can check out below:

Looks dope, right? Those of you in the California area can get tickets at TeamBackPack.net, and the stream will be live on their UStream channel!

It all goes down at the Mission Cultural Center on June 23! The show starts at 6pm EST (that’s 3pm for you West coast folk and 5PM in the midwest) and goes for 3 whole hours DAMN!

Click HERE to get tickets & find out more about Team BackPack and Mission Underground!

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