PSA: The Dos And Don’ts Of Meet And Greets

Apr 9 2014


Believe it or not, not everyone employs appropriate etiquette when meeting their favorite artists.

With Tech N9ne’s Independent Grind Tour 2014 in full effect, we thought we would compile some tricks of the trade as far as meet and greets go.

As evidenced by Stevie Stone’s recent interview, some impressions don’t resonate in the desired manner with the artists.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that you don’t leave feeling or looking like an ass so your favorite rapper will be excited to say “what’s up” to you in the future!


Do bring gifts.
Gifts of all shapes and sizes. You know what your favorite artists like because you listen to all their songs. So bring their favorite alcohol (they don’t have time to go to the liquor store anyway), bring them the dope drawing you did of their album cover or bring them the newest comic book they haven’t been able to pick up on the road. You’ll brighten their day the same way they are brightening yours.


Do adhere to the guidelines of the meet and greet.
You know that piece of paper you got when you bought your meet and greet experience? It has some valuable information on it that you’re going to need to know. Stuff like what time to show up, what forms of ID you have to present, how many items you can have signed, and so on. Pay attention to that piece of paper so the people in charge of making the meet and greet go smoothly can do exactly that.

VIP Rules copy

Do ask to have your boobs signed.
Obviously, this only applies to the ladies so guys can just ignore this one. We all know that artists love titties and ass so if you’ve got a nice one, show some love and ask to have them autograph it. Trust me, it will be their pleasure.

Booty Signing

Do know how to work your camera/phone.
Nobody wants to be behind the guy who is fumbling around with his devices that only realizes his flash wasn’t on after he’s gotten his picture taken. So do everyone a favor and get everything figured out and set up while you’re in line. That way you get your perfect picture on the first try.

Selfie fail


Don’t attack the artist.
The artist set up the meet and greet for a reason: to meet and to greet. When you make your way up to them, they’re not going to run away so there’s no need for you to tackle them. Also falling under this umbrella is the “deathgrip” handshake. You want them to be able to sign your shit, right? Right. So don’t treat their hand like you would your ex’s throat.

Don't Bang

Don’t take more than your fair share of time.
Again, “meet and greet” says it all. This is an opportunity for you to hug, shake hands, introduce yourself, say what kind of impact the artist has had on you, get something signed and take a picture. You shouldn’t be using this interaction to have them call your five best friends. Be mindful of everybody else who’s just as geeked as you are.

Lingerer copy

Don’t rap to an artist.
We’re not trying to knock your hustle, and hey, it worked for Big Sean, but 99 times out of 100, this is just not a good idea. You look thirsty, everybody feels awkward, and if you’re whack, you force your favorite artist into that awful position of saying “That was dope!” while thinking what the fuck just happened?

Thirst copy

Don’t show up in a hygienic slump.
That means take the appropriate steps to smell and look acceptable. You don’t need to wear a suit and tie, but once again, try to be mindful of others and their noses.

SMell copy

Don’t bring a raunchy item to get signed.
The first CD you bought from that artist? Great! Your faded, old concert t-shirt from your first concert of that artist? Fine! The panties you wore out your front door this morning? Not cool. There are some things that just cross the line so use some discretion when planning out your encounter. Long before the meet and greet you know you’re going to want something signed, so choose normal, clean items and have them ready-to-go day of.


So there you have it. This may not be everything you should know before attending a meet and greet, but it encompasses some of the most common faux pas and encouraged behaviors artists encounter day in and day out while on the road.


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