POLL: What’s The Best Bonus Track On ‘The War Within’ Deluxe Edition?

Jun 28 2013

Now that Wrekonize’s solo debut The War Within has been out for a few days and you’ve had time to properly digest it’s auditory dopeness, we want to hear from those of you that purchased the Deluxe Edition!

For those that don’t know, the deluxe edition of The War Within contains the same 17 amazing tracks as the standard version, with the addition of 3 bonus tracks!

  • “Smile Tonight” ft. Bernz – (Produced By The Countyboyz) Wrek and Bernz trade bars in this spacey track that indulges in almost indifferent skepticism and focuses on embracing the present moment. “If there’s no God in the sky, if there’s no afterlife, it’s alright, let’s just do what makes us smile tonight.”
  • “Puppet Masters” – (Produced By Seven) A truly sinister call-out of the powers that be, this track puts the focus on the all-seeing eye and basically gives it the finger.
  • “In The Morning”(Produced By WillPower) An upbeat, piano driven track that un-apologetically addresses the strain that life on the road puts on outside relationships.

We want to know, which of these 3 is your favorite!?

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Wrekonize - The War Within


  • Which track did you vote for? Why?

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