‘I Got New Songs’ – Krizz Kaliko Talks Upcoming ‘Something Else Tour’ [Strange Music Exclusive]

Aug 28 2013

Krizz Kaliko Live

For the ill-informed, Krizz Kaliko’s latest album Son of Sam has just dropped recently. If you haven’t copped it already, take the time to get it right now (especially if you’re a fan of a nice pair of titties).

Though this is a monumental occasion, being that we now all have new and dope music to have on constant rotation, the grind still never stops. It’s now time to take this strange show on the road!

Recently, in a Strange Music exclusive interview, we got the chance to chop it up with none other than the Son of Sam himself and talk about what to expect from his set on the Something Else Tour.

Check it out below!

What can fans look forward to from the Krizz Kaliko set on this tour? And, what can the fans look forward to that they haven’t seen before?

I got new songs man. I got songs like “Titties” and a couple new ones I won’t let out the bag. When I come on stage, it seems like the lights get brighter you know? (Laughs) Look for that electricity to turn up on the tour, and get a little taste of the new Son of Sam material.

Are we going to hear any songs that you haven’t performed before, possibly from your older albums?

Absolutely! We always mix it up man. We always gotta’ get on some of the fan favorites, and then give ‘em some of the new stuff to excite ‘em for the new releases.

What kind of feedback helped you put your set-list together?

“Anxiety” is always gonna be a fan favorite. And a lot of mine that are fan favorites, but if I had to pick one, it would definitely be “Anxiety”. I have to always put that as part of my set. I’m also going to have to always do “Kill Shit” and “Spaz”.

I agree. You guys tour so relentlessly. What is everyone’s favorite part of doing all this?

I’d say actually being on the stage man. I feel most comfortable being up there. I feel like I was born to be up there. So, being on stage is probably the best.

Okay. How are the Canadian shows going so far?

Really good man, it’s really pumped. This is only our third or fourth time in Canada. So, you know, I think they’re still excited. We’re still getting new fans and the whole crowd last night was fused. Everybody was pumped. Everybody was having a great time. So, yeah, that really felt good.


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