‘I Can’t Fucking Wait For People To Hear This Album’ – Seven Expresses His Excitement Over ‘We All Fall Down’

Aug 20 2013


Most music producers tend to be fairly stoic dudes.

Whether it’s their workload or just the nature of the beast, these people spend so much time creating music that it’s easy to be jaded by the sheer volume of it, no matter how proud of their work they may be at the time.

Seven is no different, especially due to the fact that he’s cranking out quality music at a rate that most others could only dream of. That’s why when a guy as busy and prolific as Seven says “I’m so excited about Prozak’s album”, and you hear the excitement in his voice, it holds a certain weight.

Recently while on the Strange Music podcast discussing his future endeavors, Seven stopped dead in his tracks to convey his utter excitement for Prozak’s upcoming album We All Fall Down. The unbridled excitement in his tone was almost tangible, and for those of us who were already anticipating this release, a certain validation was achieved.

I finished Prozak’s album, which…oh dude, like….I…I’m so excited about Prozak’s album. I can’t fucking wait for people to hear this album.

Now, if the man who painstakingly fabricated the majority of the background for this album for countless hours is THAT excited about it, Prozak really has something special here. None of this is meant to dismiss Prozak’s previous works of course, but it seems as though he and Seven have reached a level of polished confidence that is going to really bring We All Fall Down to the forefront of Prozak’s catalogue.

The reason behind Seven’s excitement will be revealed on September 17th when We All Fall Down hits the shelves. Until then, consider us officially hyped.


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