WATCH: Fan Performs Acoustic Cover Of ‘Fragile’

Aug 26 2013

It’s always been a point of pride among Tech N9ne fans that we come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life.

Tech’s music has always been and continues to be a unifying experience between people that may have never crossed paths otherwise. Sprinkle some musical talent and technology into that mix of varying fans and you often get some really interesting covers of Tech N9ne’s songs.

This cover of “Fragile” off of Tech’s new album Something Else is just that: interesting and unique. Armed with a webcam, a microphone, a loop station, an acoustic guitar, and a solid set of pipes, Tech fan David Colon crafts a totally different take on one of the standout cuts from Something Else while managing to retain the song’s core feel.

David tackles the rapid-fire delivery of Tech N9ne with surprising accuracy, and approaches Kendrick’s verse with tonal variations and a hint of extra soul.

Watch the video, and as David says in the beginning of the video, go grab Something Else because it’s great!

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  • What did you think of David’s cover?

  • What other songs off Something Else would make for a good acoustic cover?

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