LISTEN – ¡MAYDAY! Links Up With Miami Beat Wave & ArtOfficial For New Track ‘Neighbors’!

Aug 22 2013

Brent Bradley

They really must be putting liquid dopeness enhancers in the water down in Miami.

Recently, a site run by DJ EFN reported that ¡MAYDAY! has joined forces with fellow Miami artists ArtOfficial and Miami Beat Wave for an upcoming mixtape titled Neighbors.

As if that news weren’t ear-boner-inducing enough, they went ahead and released the title track for the mixtape featuring Bernz on the mic alongside DaVincci from Miami Beat Wave, Logics of ArtOfficial, and singer Katie DiCicco.

Listen to the dope-overload below, and keep an eye out for the Neighbors mixtape coming soon!


¡MAYDAY! - Believers

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