‘People Can Expect Their Money’s Worth And Then Some’ – Tulsa Street Team Leader Sean Kelley Talks Upcoming Something Else Tour

Aug 28 2013

Sean Kelley has been working alongside Strange Music for over a decade.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma Street Team Leader, originally from Chicago, IL, earned his official position in 2007, but tells us he’s been “unofficially” promoting for Tech since 1998. With the Something Else Tour 2013 about to kick off it’s first show in Sean’s stomping grounds, we thought it only right to ask him what he thinks of this upcoming tour and what it means in the grand scheme of all things Strange.

“Tech N9ne is at the top of his game with the new album and tour. With that comes high expectations from the hip hop community. With his largest fan base ever, people will be expecting him to bring it harder than ever”, says Kelley. He claims they will not be disappointed, as Tech “always brings beyond 100% to the stage and to each album”.

As both a fan and promoter for the label for years, Sean has undoubtedly seen more Tech N9ne performances than newcomers who are just starting to adopt the Snake & Bat. When asked how he would describe a live Tech N9ne show, Sean says:

“Tech N9ne is the hardest and most energetic performer that I have ever seen in person, regardless of what type of music we’re talking about. People can expect their money’s worth and then some. He will make you move, scream, mosh, jump, dance, sweat, and release that inner fire that burns within all of us.”

From Sean’s description, it may seem like a Tech N9ne show basically sells itself, but that doesn’t mean the Tulsa Street Team isn’t hard at work making sure this Strange show is the biggest yet.

“We have every side of town plastered with promo, and we also really strive to get that face to face interaction with the public so that we can talk to them and really promote what Tech is about and the style of rap he brings”, Sean explains.

As the date edges closer and tickets fly out of the box office, we have no doubt that Sean and his team’s work will not go unnoticed. For Sean and his Street Team comrades, Strange Music isn’t just a group of elite emcees, it’s a way of life.

When asked what he’d like to say to all the Strange fans out there, Sean simply states, “S.L.A.D.A.N. – Strange Livin’ All Day All night! If you don’t know, you will soon find out”!

The Something Else Tour 2013 rolls through Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK on September 5th, make sure to grab your VIP packages and tickets from StrangeVIP.com!