‘This Tour Is HUGE!’ – Wichita Street Team Leader Big Mike Talks About The Something Else Tour

Aug 27 2013

In the world of Strange, you’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated group of people than the Strange Music Street Team.

These wonderful people are the reason you can’t walk a block in your city without seeing a flyer for the newest albums and tours Strange Music has to offer.

As the Something Else Tour 2013 approaches, we’re spotlighting some of the hardest working Street Team Leads around the country to get THEIR take on this monstrous tour!

Our first spotlight is on Big Mike, the Wichita Street Team Leader who’s been hitting the pavement on behalf of the Snake & Bat for over 4 years now.

Check out the full interview below:

For anyone that doesn’t know, what’s your name and which Street Team do you run?

My name is Big Mike, and I’m the lead for the Wichita, KS Street Team.

How long have you been a part of the Strange Music Street Team?

I started in 2009. I was approached about being an opening act on the K.O.D. tour, and I’ve been rocking with Strange ever since!

What is your Street Team doing to get the city hyped for this upcoming tour?

We’re doing the basics, of course, making sure posters and flyers are in retail spots in all areas of the city. We’re also hitting the malls, high schools, college campuses, music events and anything else we can with hand to hand on the flyers.
CD Tradepost (our local CD store chain) has been a great help, teaming up with Strange and the Cotillion with a prize drawing to win free tickets or a free VIP package. The Wichita Street Team is always active in the local hip hop scene as well. Recently we sponsored a rap battle event in which we gave away two free tickets to the winner.

Our team shines online, too. We are constantly posting on social media sites, sharing Strange Music artists’ videos and blog posts, always engaging in conversation about the shows and encouraging people to share the event and to invite their friends.

Nice! Now as a Street Team Lead, you’ve probably seen a lot of Strange shows. What makes this tour special?

This tour is HUGE! Every artist on this tour has dropped, or will soon be dropping monumental albums! All eyes are on Strange right now with them ruling the Billboard rap album charts! I’m sure the Strange Music family is bringing their best, as always. It always amazes me how the entire team tops the last tour with bigger and better performances.

For those that haven’t seen a Strange Music show before, how would you describe it?

A high energy smack to the face! Tech is truly an entertainer, a Tech N9ne show is an experience unlike any other. The entire Strange family always bring their best.

Well damn, great explanation. Anything else you’d like to say to the Strange fans out there?

Thank you for all your continued support! Don’t hesitate to say “what up” to us in the streets. Make sure you spread the word about the show, and we’ll see you all on Sept 6th!

You heard him folks! This is going to be a tour you won’t want to miss, and if you live near Wichita make sure to hit up the show on September 6th at The Cotillion!


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