WATCH: ‘A Guy Asked Me To Sign His Wife’s Vagina’ [Video]

Sep 25 2013

Krizz Kaliko

Krizz Kaliko sat down with The Archivest while in Canada to catch them up on his albums, his tours and everything in between.

In this interview, Krizz touches on typical stuff like the extensive amount of touring he does throughout the year, the rise of independent hip hop artists and the influence Strange Music has had on many of them and the success he has found through Kickin’ & Screamin’, Neh’mind and Son of Sam, but it is in the atypical answers that he will really capture your attention.

While discussing Kali Wednesdays and the massive amount of videos associated with Son of Sam, Krizz exposes that he would love to have Sir Mix-A-Lot appear in the “Titties” video alongside him and Tech N9ne. He also talks about his personal connection with 50 Cent and how he is influenced by him. And when asked about his craziest fan story…well, you may have already guessed the answer to that one.

Watch the full video below for all of this and much more from Kali!



Krizz Kaliko Son of Sam

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