‘That’s My Song’ – Krizz Kaliko Names His Top 5 Strange Music Songs With HipHopDX

Sep 4 2013

Krizz Top 5 Strange Songs As the people who MAKE the music, we’re always asking you guys what YOUR favorite tracks from Strange Music are, but in this new HipHopDX interview with Krizz Kaliko, Jay Balfour turned the tables on Krizz and asked him what HIS favorite Strange tacks are!

In no particular order, Krizz names 5 of his top Strange Music tracks. Of course a couple Krizz tracks make it into the mix (they ARE his songs after all), but you may be surprised at some of the other ones, like this for example:

The singer-emcee continued with another Everready selection in “Caribou Lou.” “[That’s] another Tech song, which is [about] a drink that’s the most popular,” he said of Tech N9ne’s first gold single. “Anytime we do that, people go crazy and the bar usually sells out of [Bacardi] 151, Malibu Rum and pineapple juice [laughs].”

After naming off 5 tracks that have come to be his favorite, Krizz even offers up a bonus pick, but you’ll have to check out the article to find out what that is.

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