RECAP – Prozak On The Air Discussing ‘We All Fall Down’ And Answering Fan Questions!

Sep 24 2013

Prozak joined the podcast Friday, September 20, 2013 to discuss We All Fall Down, the Something Else Tour and field questions from fans and we’ve got some of the highlights right here!

The initial interview starts off straightforward enough, with Prozak giving us a taste of the response he has gotten from the fans, the most common of which has been that he surpassed expectations and even outdid Paranormal. He also fills us in on the fan favorites off the album: “Time,” “Audio Barricade” and “Darkest Shade of Grey,” to name a few.

Prozak goes on to talk about the intricate production level for We All Fall Down. He explains what an important role Seven played in crafting each and every song to reflect the overall feel of the album and expresses gratitude that he was able to work with Rob Rebeck as well. With their help, Prozak was successful in creating a cohesive record that was true to his calling.

We worked really hard on the record… We put a lot into the structure of it and the layers of it and I think that each song had a maximum effort put into it. And they’re all really good songs but it’s different kind of material that will hit you at different times in different mind frames and I think the album has longevity because of that. It’s not a one-trick pony by any means.

Prozak also gives a breakdown of the Something Else Tour and all of the guys he’s sharing the road with. And though Bernz has a beard that sometimes urges Prozak to do some crazy things, he calls this “one of the best tours with one of the best lineups.” He encourages everyone to catch this show when it hits their city.

We can’t forget the fans who called into this podcast! While one wasn’t exactly in the right frame of mind, there were plenty with questions that yielded very fruitful answers. From hinting at an EP produced by ¡MAYDAY!’s Plex Luthor and Gianni Cash to revealing his origins with Strange Music, Prozak shares some intriguing information to say the least.

All this and puns galore from Prozak can be heard in the full podcast above!


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