‘Tech Has Brought The Underground Back Into The Light’ – Slo Pain Talk Something Else Tour 2013!

Sep 10 2013

Technicians, meet Slo Pain. If you’re not familiar with them, then it’s time to get that way.

This Colorado trio has been rocking for years, and has always remained close to the Strange camp.

From opening for the KOD Tour in Boulder to having mentions in Prozak’s Paranormal album booklet, these guys have been slowly and surely building a buzz that can no longer be ignored.

We recently got to talk to the guys from Slo Pain in anticipation of their opening performance for the Something Else Tour in Denver on September 14th. Check out the full interview below, and make sure to check out some of their music at the bottom as well!

Introduce yourselves and let em know where you’re from!

Troll, Dejangles, Luni Spade, and Benzo Da Crook all form the Group Slo Pain AKA The Killarado Green Team.

Troll is originally from San Luis Obispo CA., better know as Slo. Troll moved to Colorado in 1998 and in 2006 he started the record label Slo Pain.

A year or so later Troll met Benzo Da Crook at a concert in Denver, and from that point on they started making music together. Benzo Da Crook is a Colorado native who was born and raised in the projects and brings the truth and passion from the streets to the listeners.

Luni Spade is a whole different breed of emcee. If you listen to his music you will find a nice even mixture of fantasy and reality all mixed together to bring out the listeners’ imagination.

Dejangles is the exclusive producer for Slo Pain. Dejangles is known as The Shoe String King because you can identify him and his fans by the shoe strings coming out of their hats.

Woah, crazy! Is this the first time y’all have opened up for Tech N9ne? Why is this show important to you?

Actually this is not our first time opening for Tech N9ne.

Troll opened for Tech N9ne in Boulder Colorado in 2009 for the KOD tour. Also as a group, Slo Pain performed with Tech N9ne on the Independent Powerhouse Tour in Fort Collins Colorado this year.

We’ve also helped support Strange Music artists such as Brotha Lynch Hung, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and Prozak. You can also find Troll’s name printed in the special thanks portion of Prozak’s Paranormal Album.

This show means a lot to use because its at the Fillmore Auditorium with a Max Cap of 3,600 people. It’s also a huge opportunity for us because it opens a lot of doors new listeners and gives us a chance to continue our struggle locally. We want to thank Strange Music and Livenation for this opportunity.

How do Tech N9ne and Strange Music influence you as performers?

Tech N9ne is inspirational and a very unique breed of emcee. I respect his passion for his fans and the love for music he instills on his listeners.

As a businessman I look up to Travis O’Guin just as much as Tech, because no matter how much talent you may have, without the right partner and team backing you, the industry will never accept you.

What can people expect from your live performance?

Our live show is very energetic, and we bring different types of crowd interactions along with us.

We have been known to bring a confetti air cannon out on stage with us and blast them off during the peak part of the performance. We like to use different stage props and change outfits during the live performance to keep the crowd entertained.

A lot of Strange Music fans attend our shows, so they know our music and jam out to the the songs right along with us.

That’s dope! Anything you’d like to say to the fans out there?

Mile High SALUTE! You guys are the shit for supporting a real dude like Tech N9ne! Tech has brought the underground back into the light, and it’s giving groups like Slo Pain a chance to shine in front of people who support the same style of music! Here are a couple songs you might expect to hear on September 14th. Enjoy!

Stand Up

I’m Right Here


Something Else Tour VIP