‘If You Thought Miley Had A Controversial Performance, This Will Put Her Ass To Shame!’ – Intrinzik Speaks On Tempe, AZ Something Else Tour Show

Sep 17 2013

If you’ve been following the Strange Music movement for any extended amount of time, you’ve no doubt seen some of our artists pop up on the ever-popular Underground Hustlin’ compilations, a series of mixtapes showcasing underground talent from across the world.

As a mainstay in the series, Phoenix based emcee Intrinzik has made a name for himself with relentless touring and high profile collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, and more.

Having performed with Tech and company many times in the past, it was only right to invite him back to the stage for The Something Else Tour stop in Tempe, Arizona on September 18th at the Marquee Theater.

We recently got a chance to talk to Intrinzik about the upcoming show and the underground hustle. Check out the full interview below, and don’t miss the show on the 18th!

What is it about Tempe, AZ that will make this particular date of the Something Else Tour a must-see?

There will be only two chances of seeing Tech in Arizona and the Marquee in Tempe is one of them. McNastee and I will only be performing in Tempe so if you want to check out the masterminds of Underground Hustlin’ in action this is the ONLY chance on the whole tour to do so. This will be our first Phoenix area show since the Tech/MGK show in April of 2012. I am sure this particular tour will have the best visuals for a Tech show yet and the new album is amazing so the music will be on point, of course. I don’t see any reason to miss this concert!

You’ve performed with Tech on several different occasions – what’s that been like over the years?

It has been a blessing to see his hard work and non-stop hustle pay off. I remember doing a show in Vegas with him at the beginning of the millennium and there was probably 100 people there. Throughout the years those numbers grew to 300 then to 800 then to over 1,000 to probably now 1,500. It just goes to show you if you have awesome music and a desire to spread the word that nothing can stand in your way. I have made some great connections with Travis, Krizz, Prozak, Kutt and the behind the scenes people at Strange so it has also been very positive for myself as an artist, as well as all the artists I help promote at Underground Hustlin’.

Do you think there’s something about fans in AZ that sets them apart from the rest of the country?

AZ fans are crazy! We have a very mixed crowd here and very loyal group of Technicians. I am sure it is like that all over, but from the shows I have done with Tech outside of AZ, it is obvious that we have some of the most die hard fans around!

What can fans expect from your performance on this night?

McNastee and I will be releasing a greatest hits CD entitled Our Favorite Album and doing our biggest songs from that CD. I like to run around the stage like a crack head and he likes to flex his muscles and do some sweet dance moves. We will for sure get some mosh pits going and close it out with our infamous 80s remakes! If you thought Miley had a controversial performance, this will put her ass to shame!

What does it mean, as an independent artist, to be able to be a part of a show like this?

There is nothing like it. To be able to perform for thousands of people and then be able to market yourself to a crowd who loves the same kind of music we do is the best form of promotion an underground artist can hope for. I will be able to kick it with my homies on the tour and will be recording drops with CES CRU for Underground Hustlin’ 48, so if any aspiring rappers are reading this and want to be featured on a CD hosted by CES Cru hit me up at 480.326.4426 or undergroundhustlin@gmail.com. Any angle you look at it is beneficial for us. From being able to get awesome video footage and photos of our performance, to connecting with our fans, to selling our new merchandise to being able to help Tech N9ne reach yet another level of success in our hometown just can’t be beat!

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