WATCH: Krizz Kaliko Talks Strange Music’s Urban Audience Acceptance With VIBE [Video]

Oct 1 2013

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Is Strange Music still having to Break Into Colored Houses? Krizz Kaliko addresses the touchy subject and his album Son of Sam in this video interview conducted by VIBE.

You may have noticed that Strange Music garners a lot of fans of the caucasian persuasion, despite being rooted in music that is mostly written and performed by African Americans. Why is this?

As Krizz explains it:

“It’s not like we’re catering to a white audience, but that just happens to be the demographic that has logged on to us. I think it’s the weirdness we have. Being weird and to the left is actually getting way more popular now, but over the years it’s been like not as accepted, I think, by the urban crowd.”



Krizz Kaliko Son of Sam

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