All Hallows’ Eve – The Strange Music Halloween Playlist

Oct 30 2013

Over the years, Strange Music has put out some pretty dark tracks. In the spirit of Halloween, we’re providing you with our top 10 tracks to get you in the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve.

Check out the list below, and leave a comment with what YOUR playlist would consist of!


1. Tech N9ne – “Hellevator” (Anghellic)

Anghellic’s 17 second intro serves as the perfect first track for our playlist. It’s creepy, it’s short, and it perfectly sets up the mood for the 9 more tracks of darkness that follow.

Dinner And A movie

2. Brotha Lynch Hung – “Don’t Worry Momma It’s Just Bleeding” ft. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, First Degree The D.E. – (Dinner And A Movie)

Really we could’ve just given you 10 Lynch tracks, because they all fit this bill pretty perfectly. This track in particular, however, is especially sinister and also features Tech and Krizz, so there ya go!

Boiling Point

3. Tech N9ne – “Hunger” (Boiling Point)

This is one of the creepier sounding tracks off Boiling Point, and also one of my favorites. The beat is dark as fuck, the content is crazy, and it keeps the perfect Halloween energy flowing into track 4.

Tales From The Sick

4. Prozak – “Psycho, Psycho, Psycho!” ft. Bizarre & King Gordy (Tales From The Sick)

This track is the quintessential Halloween track, so of course it landed on our playlist! Featuring Bizarre & King Gordy both laying down psychotic murder-filled verses, this gives you that perfect Halloween vibe from beginning to end. You just probably shouldn’t play it in your headphones as you walk down the street alone at night.


5. Brotha Lynch Hung – “Meat Cleaver” (Mannibalector)

This track off Lynch’s latest album is probably one of the most disturbing songs Strange has put out, and I mean that in the best way possible. This is also one of the most bangin tracks off Mannibalector, so it’s only right that it makes the list.


6. Tech N9ne – “Killing You” (K.O.D.)

This track from K.O.D. is the shit. The beat is haunting, the hook is full of crunchy guitar, and you can hear the desperation in Tech’s voice, making it that much more chilling.

The Deevil

7. Godemis – “On My Mind” (From The Deevil)

This tale of true love-sickness from Godemis’ solo mixtape is disturbing as fuck, and we love it. The beat is in stark contrast to the subject matter which somehow enhances the creepiness of the song, and the intro and outro of the song will leave you with chills.


8. Krizz Kaliko – “Anxiety” (Vitiligo)

This one is a no-brainer. The beat to this track sounds like an 80s slasher flick and Krizz’s snarling monstrous vocals make it a perfect addition. And what’s scarier than the terrors created by one’s own mind?

Matter Don't Money

9. Ubiquitous – “Harmony Of Spheres” (Matter Don’t Money)

We included this song purely off how weird and ghastly the beat is. The whole track is pretty eerie, really, and the music video only adds to it’s chill factor. Check it out below:

Afraid Of The Dark

10. ¡MAYDAY! – “Afraid Of The Dark” ft. Grafh

We’d be crazy if we didn’t include this eerie jam ¡MAYDAY! dropped back in 2011, seeing as how it was made specifically for Halloween! The track features Queens rapper Grafh and a chilling and smokey hook from Wrekonize. This is a great wind-down track for the night after the party ends and before the late-night horror flick marathon begins.

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