Something Else Tour Opener Spotlight: AJAX [Detroit, MI]

Oct 15 2013

At Strange Music, we’re all about spreading dope music, period.

Whether signed to our label or not, we’ve always shone light on artists we fuck with, just because that’s how things should be. Good music should reach good people.

That’s exactly the case with AJAX, the opener for the Detroit stop of the Something Else Tour. AJAX has been making music since the age of 13, and it shows. This will be his 4th time opening for Tech N9ne, and his live show just keeps getting better.

We recently talked to AJAX about what the uninitiated can expect from his performance at The Fillmore on October 17th, and this is what he had to say:

So for those that aren’t already familiar with you, can you go ahead and introduce yourself?

Hey Friends!! My Name Is AJAX From Purple Hash Productions, and I am a 27 year old Rapper/Producer From Detroit, Michigan.

Now, this isn’t your first time opening for Tech is it? What does this show mean to you?

This will actually be my fourth time opening for Tech, I first did back in 2006. To say the least I am absolutely thrilled. Tech has a really high energy level, and I am similar in that way, so I truly feel that he is the perfect artist for me to open for. Im Pumped!

How has Tech’s career influenced you? What are your thoughts on his style?

Well, I have been listening to Tech N9ne for over a decade now and to me he represents artistic freedom and creativity in its highest value, and I truly respect that about the man. He has worked his ass off and earned his respect the old fashioned way, which most people don’t have the heart to do these days… So CHEERS to that!!

How would you describe your live show? What can people expect?

I would like to think that I bring a special element of primal excitement to my shows. I am very high energy and very human, so I try to connect with the crowd as much as possible. Musically my style is very eclectic, although a lot of my stuff is electronic-based. A lot of hard beats and strong melodies for sure. I tend to always have something for everyone’s ears, but be prepared to move your ass!!! Body moving is a must at my shows!

Anything else you wanna say to all the Technicians out there?

Well first, I would like to thank you and Strange Music for the interview, as well as the opening slot in Detroit. And to all the Tech N9Ne fans out there, I want to send my Love and Light their way!! Also if you’re at the show on the 17th, please don’t hesitate to come say what up!!

After talking to AJAX, we think it’s safe to assume attendees of the Detroit show are going to find it incredibly easy to have a great time and get pumped for the Strange Music crew! If you want to hear AJAX’s music before the show, or if you love his performance and crave more, you can check him out at the websites below!


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