WATCH: Wrekonize Talks MTV Battle With Crazy Hood [Video]

Dec 3 2013

Who would’ve known that the young emcee clowning dudes on MTV 10 years ago would end up with the Snake & Bat?

In a new interview with Crazy Hood, Wrekonize reminisces about his come-up as a battle rapper on MTV’s televised battle tournament, the winner of which was supposed to win a contract with Roc-A-Fella Records.

As any Wrekonize fan knows, that deal fell through, and thus began the road that would eventually lead Wrekonize to ¡MAYDAY!, who of course became signed to Strange Music.

In the interview, Wrek breaks down some of the most memorable lines from his MTV battles and what that crucial time meant to him and his career.

Watch the video below, and make sure to cop one of Wrekonize’s “Battle Tested” T-shirts on his website, complete with a brand new freestyle!

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Wrekonize - The War Within