Faces Come Out Of The Rain – The 5 Best Selfie-Takers on Strange Music

Jan 8 2014

Yes, this is a real thing.

As much as we hate the word “selfie”, it doesn’t look like the term is going anywhere in the near future, and since the Selfie Olympics are currently going down across social media networks, we thought we’d tip the ol’ hat to a few Strange artists that are masters of the selfie.

Check out our homage below, and for the love of all things holy, don’t send us any of your selfies (but if you do we might post them on Facebook…but don’t).

5. Ubiquitous

Ubi of CES Cru is among the masters of the selfie. His pictures aren’t just selfies, they’re self portraits. If in the year 2050 we’ve culturally downgraded so much that selfies are included in museums, Ubi will have his own section. Behold:

Ubi 1
Selfie Inception.
Ubi 2
Ubi doesn’t go to a barber. He goes to hair artists.
Ubi 3
All gum everythang.


4. Tech N9ne

Tech doesn’t take a shitload of selfies, but when he does, they’re awesome. Usually because they’re aided by his ever-changing and always-incredible facepaint, or the background of some awesome event or locale he’s been privy to.

Tech 1
He’s mad cause the Chiefs lost, he’s pist off.
Tech 2
Imagine walking into a bar and seeing this dude at one of the tables.
Tech 3
You will never look this cool in your selfies. So just stop it.

3. Plex Luthor

Like Tech, Plex isn’t the type of dude to flood his Instagram with a bunch of selfies (God we’re sick of typing this word), but his imagination and epic beard make the few that he does post something to savor.

Plex 1
Like a bearded white Geordi La Forge (google it).
Plex 2
Unfortunately “The Musical Genius In The Hat” didn’t strike Dr. Seuss like it did us.
Plex 3
They may be a Hip Hop group, but this shit is METAL.

2. Godemis

If someone’s selfies are an indication of how they live their life, then Godemis clearly loves guns and paper mache…and apparently scaring the shit out of Kutt Calhoun.

The caption for this on Godi’s instagram was “Best picture of us ever. Wavy”. We’re not quite sure what that means, but it’s awesome/horrifying.
Godemis 1
Before you even ask, yes that’s Godemis with paper mache on his face holding a gun to his head. Totally normal. Nothing to see here.
Godemis 3
The Deevil is real.

1. Krizz Kaliko

We’re going to go ahead and say it: Krizz is the king of selfies. He’s taken the game one step further by mastering the elusive double-selfie, and his co-stars couldn’t be more awesome. Enjoy.

Krizz Debo
Krizz Doug E Fresh
6 minutes Doug E Fresh you’re on…Krizz Kaliko’s instagram!
Krizz Hop
One of these guys is wearing contacts. Guess which one. Go ahead. Guess.
Krizz KDOT
When you’re taking double-selfies with the hottest rapper in the game, you’re winning at life.
Krizz Mac Miller
Mac Miller and The Most Dope Rapper
Krizz Nick Cannon
We can’t see anything with Nick Cannon in it without thinking of Chappelle’s Show. *Points to random reader* THIS GUY KNOWS WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT.
Krizz Rittz
We’ve contacted Instagram about expanding their picture parameters for Rittz’s hair, but we haven’t heard back yet..
Krizz Trae
You can’t handle Tha Truth!!

Well, there it is guys. We hope this was as painful for you to read as it was for us to write. At least you got to see some awesome pictures.

Or, whatever. Enjoy the rest of your day.