Strange Frames: 10 Hilarious And/Or Horrifying Screen Caps From Strange Music Videos

Jan 28 2014

In the 5 years that the Strange Music YouTube account has been around, we’ve managed to churn out A LOT of videos.

Just under 500 to be exact, and with each of those videos, we normally hunt for good stills or “screen caps” from the videos to use on our social networks.

We can tell you this much, when you’re hitting play and pause 1,000 times during a video to find a good still, you come across some pretty hilarious moments.

We may or may not have a huge folder of these awkward ass screen-caps, so for fun we decided to divulge 10 of our favorites.

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10. Krizz’s Cake Face In “Schizophrenia


We may as well start here. We still haven’t decided if this image is hilarious or horrifying, hence the “and/or” in the headline. Either way, it’s amazing. Carry on, Mr. Kaliko.

9. Kutt’s Very Apparent Pyromania In “Party The Pain Away

Kutt Pyro

Just notice that look of pure maniacal joy on Kutty’s face as he douses wood with lighter fluid. Dear God.


8. Rittz Watering The Lawn While A Spaceman Moves It Like Bernie In “Like I Am

Like I Am

What exactly is happening here? No, seriously, we’re asking. Rittz is just standing there with the “Ay gurl” look while a spaceman from a 60s B-movie moves it like Bernie while holding a 40 oz. Magical.

7. Just…Just ALL The Whiteness In “Dixie Cup

Dixie Cup

There is SO much white guy-ness happening in this video that it was tough to pick just one shot, but we feel like this is a great one. You may recognize that magnificent incarnation of suburbia in the middle as our Senior Blog Editor…so this is probably getting edited out (I’ll let it stay – Jeff).

6. Wrekonize About To Do The Spongebob In “Neon Skies

Neon Skies

For some reason, whenever we see this, we can’t help but think of this…don’t judge us:


5. Tech And Krizz Quite Possibly Tripping Balls In “Spaz


If that description doesn’t make sense to you, you’ve clearly never taken hallucinogens. We imagine Krizz is thinking “We can’t stop here…This is bat country!” while Tech is just going:


4. The Pimp That Predicted Trinidad James In “All I Know Is Hood


When’s the last time you watched the video for Big Scoob’s amazing hood anthem? Did you notice that majestic harbinger of hoes in a couple quick scenes? We did. And it was awesome.

3. Lynch Ruining Our Chances Of Sleeping For Life In “Meat Cleaver

Meat Cleaver

For real though. That look….Burned into our retinas forever.

2. Tech’s Very Distinct “Who Farted?” Face In “Badlands


Wrek? Bernz? Plex? Somebody better fess up…cause it happened…and it’s lingering.

1. Stevie Stone On ALL The Cocaine In “2 Birds 1 Stone


Calm down, Stevie is not actually on insane amounts of stimulants. This actually could’ve been any Stevie Stone video in existence, the dude is just super animated, and when you happen to hit pause in the middle of a very animated Stevie verse, weird things happen.

Like we said, we have a ton of videos on our YouTube channel, so now we hand the reigns over to you guys.

  • What’s the most hilarious/awkward screen cap you can find in one of our videos?

Leave it in the comments!