We Present To You: Rittz Next To Other Stuff

Sep 11 2014


Here at Strange Music, we thrive on a healthy dose of shit-talking and mockery. Usually it’s just between employees but we know Rittz is a good sport, so fuck it, he’s getting in on it too.

When the cover art to Rittz’s new album Next To Nothing came out, of course the internet couldn’t help but take the name literally and point out that Rittz was in fact next to a car.

Seriously, shout out to whoever made this lol.
Seriously, shout out to whoever made this lol.

In celebration of Rittz’s new album, and just because we felt like having some fun, we decided to snatch Rittz off his album cover and put him next to…other stuff. Enjoy.

Album Rittz
We call this, “Rittz Next To ‘Next To Nothing'”. RITTZCEPTION.
Drake copy
“Rittz Next To Nothing Was The Same”….get it?!?!
ritz copy
You had to have seen this one coming. “Next To Ritz”
CranberryMuffin Rittz
“Next To Muffin”
Rover copy
An old school whip is dope, but nothing is more baller than the Mars Rover.
Sandwich 2 copy
If you know Rittz, you know his sandwich game is ON POINT….so we put him next to a giant sandwich? We don’t know. This was harder than we thought it’d be.
album copy
We had to do it…
You see what we did here.

You are all now dumber for having gazed upon this. Sorry N’ Shit.



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  • What else should we put Rittz next to?

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