WATCH: ‘We Have Our Own Lane’ – MURS Describes Creative Progress In HotNewHipHop Interview

May 18 2015

MURS Have A Nice Life HNHH

MURS talks with about how making the right changes can create personal and creative success for an expressive artist.

With the release of MURS’ highly anticipated debut Strange Music album, Have A Nice Life, he had a chance to sit down with and discuss insight on the album and how it came to be. Making the first initial change of switching from Warner to Strange Music, he feels he’s able to be more expressive and creative in his work, further allowing him to express more meaningful messages in the album.

I needed a machine behind me and I thought Strange was the best fit for me because they’re honest men and they’re hard-working men and women at Strange Music and I respect everyone… there are so many dynamic and amazing people that work there that if I was going to do this again, I wanted to do this with the team.

Along with his high regards for the employees of Strange, he talks about how his album sounds “brighter,” which could also be help from pop producer and childhood friend, Jesse Shatkin. He takes his talent and music and puts forward positivity and hope for those who may not be able to voice their perspective on life. He then talks about the meaning behind the album title and the influence behind his songs, including “Mi Corazon”, “No More Control”, and “Two Step”.

He ends this excellent interview with the meaning of MURS, which further shows his appreciation for the label that allows artists to truly be themselves.

The first one was always “Making the Universe Recognize and Submit”… I think that maybe “Making the Universe Recognize Strange”, maybe that’s the new era.

This interview proves that love can truly bring amazing things together.


  • How have you seen MURS’ music develop since joining Strange Music?

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