‘I Have Become A More Patient And Thoughtful Man’ – MURS Talks Being A Dad On The Road

May 13 2015

MURS Modern Dad

MURS had a chance to talk about life as a father and a rapper on the road.

MURS is a family man, which was very apparent in his Rad Dad Feature on ModernDayDads.com. With the interviewer being a previous fan and even purchasing a mixtape from his prior group, Living Legends, MURS had a chance to discuss the dual lifestyle he lives, as both a touring musician and a husband/father.

When asked about the meaning of being a “modern-day dad,” he gives an eloquent description of both freedom to be yourself and maintaining the responsibility of caring for your own.

“It means being able to show my tattoos and drive a mini van. It means raising a kid that is a citizen of the world. Making sure he is bilingual. Making sure [he] respects all life regardless of skin color, sexual preference, religious affiliation or socio-economic status. I love that we live in an era. Where my son is passionate about a team sport like basketball. But he’s also been able to fall in love with skateboarding and b-boying (breakdancing) which encourage individualism.”

He then tells the insane story of the adoption of his son, the process of trying to adopt and having to travel hundreds of miles to pick him up before he would be moved to a foster home. The words of wisdom brings everything home and truly encompasses fatherhood, eloquently showing that anything can truly be accomplished with love.

“As long as you do everything in the name of love you’ll be alright. I was unprepared as you can get and I made it work. You’re never gonna be perfect. But as long as you wake up everyday and try to be. It will all work itself out.”




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