The 22 Best Questions And Answers From MURS’ Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

May 21 2015


Earlier today, MURS took to for an hour and a half AMA. We’ve put together 22 of the best fan questions answered.


taggert420 You still keep in touch with 9th Wonder? I am sad we won’t get another Murs & 9th Wonder Album, but The Final Adventure was awesome!

yes I still talk to 9th from time to time and I love him dearly. Glad you enjoy our music.

Master_Blender Hey murs, has coming to strange music changed you? And which rappers do you listen to?

I listen to E-40 Heavy D Fashawn Tyler the Creator Manolo Rose I love all types of rap Waka Flocka etc… Signing to Strange has broadened my horizons and given me limitless opportunities

fruitbowl7 What was your favourite thing about your MURSDAY album?

Having fun with the homies. Getting to fall in love with the “real” Miami.


Maciek300 Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 dick-sized horses?

Duck sized horses. Birds freak me out

FingerMagnet How was recording 8 Bit Baby with Skream?

It was fun. Never met him though. He still “owes” me a beat. Along with Dangermouse lol

notoriousindigo What do you feel are some key points that make up a dope MC, that perhaps aren’t mentioned enough?

Being well read. I wish being educated was more valued. And not traditionally so to speak. I just wish rappers read more and traveled more. Being a fan of the “arts” would help the culture tremendously

qwerty-snowman Murs! I saw you and Fashawn in Tallahassee last year and the show was great. Your chemistry with him on songs and on stage was awesome. Any plans to record another album with F?

No plans on that yet. But thanks! I think we do have an awesome chemistry. And I LOVE performing with him. s/o to Prof that was a fun tour. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did


Caesar_Hazard What’s your favorite album to drop in 2015 so far? What albums are you looking forward to?

Cherry Bomb. Alabama Shakes. Looking forward to Jay Rock

mitchgoth So I know that Mikey in ‘I Miss Mikey‘ is Eyedea, but you reference three other names in the chorus of the song (I’d list the names off, but I don’t want to spell them wrong), who were they?

Camu Tao dope musician from Ohio Walker Martin my mentor firend and a father figure Pooh my lil bro’s best friend who passed during the recording of the album I believe it was the day we were recording “I Miss Mikey” I changed the chorus to put his name in. Thus why it doesn’t rhyme

turkotheturko Hey Murs cool to see you do a AMA. What album made the most impact on you and why?

I wish My Brother George was here by Del. Because he told stories about the average man. Strictly for My NIGGAZ by 2pac because I felt like he knew and understood my anger and everything I was feeling at the same time

2pac Del

jsaumer MURS – I just recently got into your music, and my indy hip-hop collection is growing very quick. I LOVE IT! How do you see the future of indy hip-hop vs the big record labels?

I think “indie” is the future. Majors will always play a part. They may buy us all out eventually and adapt our model. j/k lol but not really

NessaLoves First i Want to congratulate you on your new album! Amazing job!! And we’ll my question for you is where in LA where the best places you like to hang out and have a drink with friend and some grub?

I love Roscoe’s. Lucy’s. My 2Cents. CJ’s Cafe. Real Food Daily. Pizzanista.

cesarg69 Hey murs one more, Do you still plan on more “Love and Rockets” albums? I know it was supposed to be like a series, right? I’m still trying to find a copy of love and Rockets again since I got jacked for mine haha.

Love and Rockets series has been shelved for now as far as the title goes. But his is exactly where I wanted to go with part two. So you can say this is L&R 2 just with a different title

Love and Rockets Murs

Ryanboulding Hey Murs, Are you going to be on the new ¡MAYDAY! album? I love all the stuff you did with them. It’s such a great combination. Congrats on your new album by the way!

YES I believe I have a song on the new ¡MAYDAY! album. It was originally for my album. It’s awesome!

CheesemanJB Hey Murs. I am curious if you have one obstacle that you would have considered the “biggest” on your path to success, what would it be and how did you overcome it? Thanks for your time

Hard to say because I’ve viewed every obstacle as a blessing. Lack of mainstream access radio and tv was hinderance early on but it made me concentrate and refine my live performance and that has continued to pay off in HUGE ways. I feel live performance is the essence of music

dav1dwh1te Is Paid Dues going to return?

I don’t believe so.

James007Bond – Who is currently your favorite musician? Who would you recommend keeping an eye out for?

I LOVE Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White. Alabama Shakes. Look out for Reverie from LA

mask567 What did Roxy Reynolds taste like?

Like clean pussy

Roxy Reynolds

TheXtremeDino What are your experiences with psychodellics?

Only did shrooms once but had a great time. It involved Eligh breakdancing

cesarg69 What up murs?! When do you plan on touring for have a nice life?

September 30th will kick off my headlining tour.

Amusabel who would you say was your favorite artist/producer to collaborate with?

Terrace Martin. We have so much fun together. But I do love all of “my” producers

genericd11 What has it been like since joining Strange Music and working with Tech? Your new album is bangin BTW, congrats!

It’s an honor and a privilege to be on Strange and to learn from Tech. I just listen and observe every day with him on tour. I am constantly inspired.

bowlphish Murs, you have been one of my favorite rappers since I heard you on Steve Berra’s a day in the life in 411VM. One of my favorite songs is Walk Like a Man. Was this based on events that happened to you?

yes Walk Like A Man was based on real events. combined and changed a bit to protect those involved