LISTEN: ‘We Deserve That Attention’ – Tech N9ne Interviews With DJBooth [Audio]

May 8 2015

Tech N9ne DJ Booth

Tech N9ne finds his way back onto for an inspiring, emotional interview covering Special Effects. has been a Tech supporter for a very long time, supporting him to the beginning stages of Sickology 101. They brought the rapper back for a feature to discuss putting together Special Effects, acquiring the artists featured on the project, and the love of music making his project a success. Releasing numerous albums and EPs, Tech has grown from dreaming of features in his songs to jam-packing multiple artists into a banger (“Hood Go Crazy”, for example). He describes how though his feature roster is impressive, he continues aiming to produce great music.

“It’s been so hard for us to get to this point,” Tech said. “Our mind set is not, we made it. It’s, we gotta show out to let people know why we have these spots. Do you remember how the doors were closed to us all these years? How hard we had to work? We’re walking on sunshine, but now that we have people’s attention, we have to show why we deserve that attention.”

Taking a step back to talk about the inspiration of his album from his late mother, he transfers his spirit and energy into putting together one of the most anticipated albums of his career for one thing: the love of music.

All of this has only been possible because of love. All of the success is because Tech loves making music with the kind of intensity many of us will never love anything, because he loves the people he’s made part of his extended Strange family, because he loves his fans, loves bringing people together under the protective embrace of his music.

With such an incredibly produced album with praise from countless sources, Special Effects has truly made its mark not only in Tech’s career, but all over the world.





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