Tech N9ne’s 10 Most Rock And Roll Moments

May 1 2015

Tech N9ne Ten Rock And Rolll Moments

More than any other emcee in the game today, Tech N9ne has unashamedly displayed his love for rock and roll.

From “Riot Maker” to his recent Corey Taylor collaboration with “Wither” from Special Effects, Tech N9ne is on the front lines when it comes to merging the worlds of hip hop and rock and roll.

We went down the line and counted down Tech N9ne’s 10 most rock and roll moments. Here they are, in chronological order.

“Riot Maker”Everready: The Religion

One of Tech N9ne’s early rock based tracks, “Riot Maker” always rocks the house. Hard guitar licks meet Tech’s formidable flows to create a live-show classic.

Rock And Roll Nigga All 6’s And 7’s

Need we say more? Over crunching electric guitars, this song asserts Tech’s stance on marrying musical genres with a simple, and bold proclamation.

“Love 2 Dislike Me”Something Else

A grinding catharsis for Tech N9ne, “Love 2 Dislike Me” (ft. Liz Suwandi and Tyler Lyon) digs deep, illuminating one of the many facets of Tech.

“Strange 2013”Something Else

The culmination of decades of hard work, Tech N9ne realized a life-long dream as he wrote “Strange 2013” in collaboration with Robby Krieger on guitar, John Densmore on drums, and Ray Manzarek (1965-2013) on organ, the surviving members of the legendary rock band, The Doors. Jim Morrison lends his pre-recorded vocals for the hook, making it an official Doors collaboration.


Tech Releases Therapy: Sessions With Ross Robinson EP

“Therapy”, produced by Ross Robinson, is Tech N9ne’s first rock and roll project. This EP highlights the wide musical versatility of Tech N9ne. Songs like “Hiccup” propel to a delirious pace, while the closer “Stop The Sailor” puts off an intense, yet meditative vibe. Tech N9ne manages to be a hip hop artist who pulls off a wide variety of rock and roll (blues, southern, metal, psychedelic…it’s all here) without sounding contrived – an impressive feat indeed.


Tech N9ne Talks Collab with Avenged Sevenfold

Lead singer M. Shadows invites Tech to hang out onstage during the show with the word ‘collab’ being batted around. Tech N9ne and Avenged Sevenfold’s mutual respect is just another example of Tech’s motto “real shit always shines.” Here’s hoping this collabo happens soon.

“Straight Out the Gate” (Scott Stevens Remix) – Strangeulation

A potent version of “Straight Out the Gate” (ft. Serj Tankian), with heavy guitar overlay, delivering this song straight into the rock/metal category.


Band of Psychos Tour 2014

In 2014, Tech N9ne took to the road with his Band of Psychos, a tour featuring a live rock band. The Band of Psychos rocked an all-star line up of Tech N9ne; Krizz Kaliko; David Pastorius (bass); Alien Warr (drums); Tyler Lyon (guitar).

Tech N9ne Performs At Knotfest 2014

In a move that had many metalheads go “A rapper?!?”, Tech N9ne was a featured artist at the 2014 Knotfest rock festival. A convention-defying move, Tech N9ne proved to be just what the fans were looking for from an emcee, bringing an energy that transcends any genre expectations.

Above is a clip of him performing “Mama Said Knock You Out” by Five Finger Death Punch (a remake of LL Cool J’s classic), joined by Krizz Kaliko and Stevie Stone.

“Wither” (ft. Corey Taylor) – Special Effects

Another benchmark moment in Tech N9ne’s career is “Wither” (ft. Corey Taylor), an ominous, shadowy track that grasps at one’s inner darkness. With Corey Taylor’s intense delivery and immense contribution, the track went from a typical rap/rock collab to a full-blown masterpiece of angst.

  • Which rock and roll moment is your favorite?
  • What did we leave out?

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