GET FAMILIAR: Tech N9ne Gets The Breakdown In OC Weekly’s ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Tech N9ne’

May 28 2015

Lauren Watkins

Tech N9ne OCWeekly

Have friends who are unfamiliar with Tech N9ne? Educate them with this beginner’s guide, courtesy of

Tech’s rapid rise to fame following the release of Special Effects has new fans curious on what to expect from the artist with the #4 hip-hop album in the country. Luckily, graced us with “The Beginner’s Guide To Tech N9ne”. Acknowledging he has been independent for the past 15 years, they note he continues to impress the music industry as a whole.

To make the Kansas City rapper more tangible to our most recently joined Technicians, they broke down 5 notable songs from his endless repertoire, covering different elements of Tech’s unique musical style. Hitting albums all the way back to Anghellic, this guide encompasses his goal to create music all his own.

One song featured in the list is fan favorite “Worldwide Choppers”, noting him for not only his impressive features, but his ability to spit flawlessly at any speed.

Flexing his talents, Tech’s devoted some entire songs to showcasing not only this ability of his, but some of his fellow fastest rappers in the world… Boasting such fast rap luminaries as Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf and Twista on the track, “Worldwide Choppers” became a must-hear for fans of the style and a landmark moment in Tech’s career.

Though there are so many to choose from, the ones chosen demonstrate the energy and passion he displays in his live shows, making this the perfect starter kit for any new Technician.

Did your favorite songs make the list?


  • What songs would you put on your own “Beginner’s Guide to Tech N9ne”?

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