‘It’s My Best Work To Date’ – Tech N9ne Stays True To Himself With ‘Special Effects’

May 19 2015

Tech N9ne Respect Magazine

Tech N9ne is proud of his newest release, Special Effects, and absolutely should be.With his highly anticipated album reaching #1 for Rap, R&B, and Indie on the Billboard charts, Tech should rightfully be proud of his hard work. He had a chance to interview with Respect. Magazine to talk a bit about the process of putting the album together and watching the industry shift over the years.

He prides himself on how his album in its entirety turned out, with a multitude of features and an increased production similar unmatched to his previous work.

“It’s my best work to date. After the first week (sales) came out, it’s wonderful to know that everyone agrees. Some people might still say that Anghellic is best, but that’s a bullsh*t lie.”

He also was able to reflect on the progress of hip-hop and how even though the game has changed, he’s able to adjust with the industry and continue to take over hip-hop one album at a time while keeping his unique identity his own.

They care the same way they did back when I dropped my first album The Calm Before The Storm. It’s crazy to be able to rock the planet back then, and be able to rock even harder now, it’s just such an accomplishment to still be that guy that the people wanna’ hear. The fanbase is getting younger, it’s crazy because that’s not supposed to happen. I’m in my 44th year of life and I feel like I’m 22 man. It’s such a Nosferatu and Dracula type thing, an immortal type thing.

Though change is inevitable over time, Tech continues to rock crowds around the world and keep true to who he is. Respect. was right when they said, “Strange is the new normal.”


  • How do you think Tech’s music has developed from Anghellic to Special Effects?

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