‘I’ve Been Walking On Sunshine’ – Tech Speaks to ArtistDirect.com On ‘Special Effects’, Future Projects And More!

May 20 2015

Photo cred: Corey Soria (Bloodline Media)
Photo cred: Corey Soria (Bloodline Media)

Tech N9ne continues to pull back the curtain on his most nuanced project to date.

While the world continues to digest the multi-faceted Special Effects, Tech N9ne’s recent interview with ArtistDirect.com sheds more light on a project that many (including Tech himself) are calling his best work yet.

In the interview, Tech addresses ground-breaking collaborations on songs like “Shroud”, “On The Bible”, and “Wither”, and even compares Special Effects to the film Natural Born Killers

It would be Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. It’s everything, man. It’s cartoonish. It’s real life. It’s bloody. It’s sad. It’s angry. It’s love. It’s power. It’s psychotic. It’s rational. It’s human. It’s got f***ing Tommy Lee Jones, my past love Juliette Lewis, and f***ing Woody Harrelson and f***ing Tom Sizemore. It’s everybody man.

As the press for Special Effects continues to pour in, we’re given more and more insight into the ever-evolving mind of Tech N9ne…and that’s never a bad thing.

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