‘I’m A Born Soldier’ – MURS Talks Tour Life With Strange, Being A Dad, And More

Jun 8 2015


MURS continues to keep it real with a thorough and informative interview with TeamBackpack.net.

The Los Angeles rapper is notorious for not only his emotion-filled music, but his genuine and humble presence in his interviews. MURS did not disappoint with this interview with TeamBackPack.net, discussing many different aspects of the music industry,  life as a parent and his first Strange Music album release, Have A Nice Life.

When asked about his beginnings with Strange Music and touring with Tech N9ne, he commends Strange Music for being unique and thorough with conducting tours, tailoring to each artist and paying special attention to details to assure nothing slips through the cracks.

How Tech N9ne does it isn’t exactly the same for everyone, but it’s the best way for Tech N9ne, and Travis (O’Guin) and his staff can find the best way to do it for everyone, if you’re willing to work with them and listen. They are an exemplary model of how the music business should be done in many ways. And I don’t like to be completely blowing smoke, like, everybody has their downsides. But with Strange Music, especially with touring, they’re very fine-tuned and like I said, very efficient.


With more discussion of the industry and the bridge between him and other larger rappers, the interview transitions to him being a father and how he’s able to balance life as a touring artist and a dad, keeping composed about not being able to see his family as often as he would like.

I guess it’s just pretty normal, man. It’s weird to have someone at home that I miss so much. I’m not used to that. But also, I’m able to turn it off and on. I don’t miss them as much as some other people miss their kids. Like, I miss them, but this has been my life for 20 years. So, yeah, I don’t know. I’m still figuring it out.

The interview begins to shift into Have A Nice Life, discussing the production working with Jesse Shatkin, inspiration for the album, and concepts that went into it. He describes the events happening surrounding the release of his album, shedding light on the personal struggles that turned Have A Nice Life into the musical masterpiece it became.

Being with my mom as she moved into a new neighborhood, dealing with gang politics, rap politics. Fell in love with coffee. Going to Miami, which is kind of like a second home for me now. Working with ¡MAYDAY! was a blessing and it was just a breath of fresh air to lock into their frequency because when I work with them it’s better for me to lock in to their frequency and drink a little Jack Daniels and drink a lot of colada and do late nights. When I’m with Jesse, we were doing like 12 to 7 everyday, so it was more my speed and then with ¡MAYDAY! I had to lock into their speed for a couple of weeks. I think change is good because it’s the only constant in life. There was a lot of change going on around this album.


Further going into the art of hip-hop and putting together his heartfelt project, he gives a bit of insight about rap battles and the methods that work the best for him. He finds his magic in his improvisation, combining a sense of competitiveness with being in the moment and putting real feelings into his verses.

For me, I was better at off the head because it’s just living in the moment, like a true passion, desire. That male competitive spirit, it’s like a way to be an artistic jock. And there’s a lot of ego in it, especially when you’re a young man and you’re finding yourself and you’re pushing yourself to the lead of the pack. There’s that energy that’s there and that energy’s not there for me. But if you’re younger then you should definitely tap into that. Your frustration, your everything and being the best you can do.

MURS continues to change the industry in a positive and unique way, which is apparent throughout his album and the way he conducts himself both on and off stage. His love of music is the motivation for a lot of the different and unusual approaches to his work, solidifying why he is a perfect fit at Strange Music.


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